Open Culture VOICES Vlog

Open Culture VOICES is a series of short interviews with open GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) experts from around the world. View all the episodes released to date from Season 1 (02-06.2022) and Season 2 (Starting 7 February 2023).

As in the first season, we ask each guest only four questions about the benefits, barriers, what inspired them, and what advice they would share with others. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis from 7 February 2023 and until the end of the year. We are delighted to share that this season we have guests from Africa, South America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America.

The Open Culture Program at Creative Commons aims to promote better sharing of cultural heritage in GLAMs collections. With Open Culture VOICES, we’re thrilled to bring you various perspectives from dozens of experts speaking in many different languages on what it’s like to open up heritage content online.

We asked all our the guests these questions:

  1. What are the main benefits of open GLAM?
  2. What are the barriers?
  3. Could you share something someone else told you that opened up your eyes and mind about open GLAM?
  4. Do you have a personal message to those hesitating to open up collections?

Insights from these experts zero in on key advantages and reveal many hurdles that stand in the way of open culture. Taken together, these diverse voices converge to shape a global vision of open GLAM and convey the transformative power of open access to cultural heritage for institutions and the public alike.

We hope that you enjoy, and learn more, by listening to the distinct voices helping make GLAM collections as openly accessible, shareable, and reusable as possible – the greatest manifestation of their public value. Going open is the best way to celebrate GLAMs’ mission in the digital era.

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